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Detail Drawings

At Envelope Design, we provide residential detail drawings for clients in London and all around the UK. With over 30 years of experience in the field, we provide a tender package with everything that a contractor will need to execute your project to the highest standard.

In order to do this, Envelope has created an easy-to-use system called the Design Files. It include drawings and a specification by Envelope, together with all other important information produced by other consultants. This is the bible of the project, drawn up to make the most out of your project, and ensure the construction phase runs smoothly.

The key benefits of Envelope Detail Drawings:

Efficiency: Clear, step-by-step plan detail drawings save time and minimise errors.

Clarity & Communication: The detailed drawings clearly show how each component of the construction project fits together, helping to avoid confusion and making it easier for everyone to work together and stay on the same page.

Cost Savings: Detailed drawings can help prevent costly mistakes or changes during the construction project. By having a clear plan and following it closely, the project can be completed efficiently and within budget.

Cost Estimates In Advance: Our Design Files can also be supplied with a dedicated digital Cost File which provides a ‘soft estimate’ to give you an initial ballpark cost. The Cost File also allows accurate builders’ quotes to be easily obtained. Our clients say this aspect of the work is often the most difficult to navigate, but our Cost Files help this to run smoothly, and once your project is up and running, the Cost File is used to monitor payments as the work progresses.

What’s a Design File?

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Our detail drawings provide the technical solutions required along with an elegant simplicity. We are instinctive problem solvers, and love to collaborate with others. See some problem solving in action in the videos in our Design Shop.

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“Envelope have both a very creative approach to the outline design and feasibility of residential development, together with the skills to produce elegant, considered and highly-buildable working drawings. I was very happy with Envelope’s ability to deliver on time and on budget.”

Thomas (Architect)
London, N1

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Residential Project Management

At Envelope, our role as as a project manager is to take the pressure off you. We have a long track record in residential project management. Our goal is to ensure that projects are completed on-time and on-budget. We aim for the highest quality standards throughout the project, and we understand the crucial role that collaboration has in achieving this.

The key benefits of using Envelope’s project management services:

Programming: We will schedule work and can ensure that materials and manpower are available when needed, and help to ensure that work is completed on time.

Cost Control: We use our cost control toolkit (The Cost File) to work within a set budget, monitoring expenses, and ensuring that costs stay within the allotted budget.

Improved Communication: To reduce your work load, we can serve as the primary point of contact for stakeholders, and improve communication between consultants, contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, and the client. We find that better communication leads to less misunderstandings and more collaboration.

Quality Control: We ensure that materials and workmanship meet the standards required, and make sure things are done to the best level achievable.

Mitigating Risk: We manage risks by identifying potential problems (e.g. the weather forecast or a delay in supplier delivery), and take proactive steps to address them.

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”Design and sustainability was key for us – we used Envelope to project manage the transformation of a run-down dilapidated house into a family home that we will cherish for ever.”


London Homeowner

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The One Envelope Service

This is a fully comprehensive design and project management service from the inception of your project up until its completion.

We Maintain the quality and keep the costs in check, and having one expert project manager as your dedicated point of contact minimises your workload and reduces stress levels throughout.

In addition to architectural design, this service would typically also provide:

  • Cost & Project Management
  • Interior Design
  • Engineering

The key benefits of the One Envelope service:

Seamless communication: Since we design and manage the project, there is better communication and coordination between the design and construction phases of the project, helping to ensure that the project is completed on time, and within budget.

Design Intent: As Envelope will have produced the original detail drawings, we will be better equipped to handle any changes or modifications that may arise during the construction process.

Better risk management: Having continuity between design and construction helps us identify and mitigate any risks that may arise during the project. We will have a better understanding of the project scope and goals, meaning we are better equipped to handle any unforeseen issues when they arise.

Ensuring quality control: Having continuity between design and construction means we are able to ensure that the construction meets the design standards, specifications and client expectations.

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“Envelope combined incredible attention to detail with a very practical and pragmatic approach – the project couldn’t have happened without them.”


North London

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We have worked for:

  • Homeowners
  • Developers
  • Property Investors & Landlords
  • Contractors

We also love collaborating, and have worked with:

  • Other architects
  • Interior Designers
  • Project Managers

If you would like to obtain a quote, discuss a project or have any other enquiries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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